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​The Human Design system is a beautiful way to understand your life design and create a life that is aligned with your soul purpose. Whether you're in transition or still working as a teacher, this journey will help you understand how to create a fulfilling career outside of teaching by connecting to your intuitive wisdom, finding your passion and living more aligned with yourself.

 Find your alignment through human design

Explore what makes you unique

Discover your intuitive wisdom

Connect with what lights you up and brings you joy


Take the next step in your Human Design Journey

Schedule a Discovery Call


DOWnload your free resource book:

This is a simple call to touch base and discover more about you, how we can achieve your goals and answer any questions you have.

In this call, we will go through the basics of your Human Design. You will learn about your type, strategy, authority, profile and receive guidance on how you can move through your relationships, business and life using Human Design.

Find out more about the Human Design Basics. Explore information about your Human Design type.

P. Mac, SYD

"Human Design revealed to me my potential. I'm currently working with this design to understand how my body mind and soul is working"


"This is honestly such an interesting and refreshing way to learn more about yourself and how to best navigate yourself through life in the most beneficial way."


"Jen's insights were incredibly empowering and have given me a greater sense of clarity. She also provided practical advice for me to put into action for my life"

Find your alignment.
Realise your design.

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