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Life by design

​The Human Design system is a beautiful way to understand your life design and create a life that is aligned with your soul purpose. Whether you're in transition or trying to figure things out, this journey will help you better understand who you are and celebrates your uniqueness. Through connecting to your intuitive wisdom, natural gifts and super powers, Human Design offers insights into your life themes and how you're here to connect and dance with life.


Let your Design Lead the Way

Transform Your Life by Living Your Design

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Gain insight into themes of your life, and lean into your life purpose.

Understand your character strengths and connect to your intuitive wisdom.

Feel confident and resolved in your decision making processes.


Receive practical life strategies on how to interact and move through your life


Reconnect with what brings you joy.


Free yourself from resistance and limiting beliefs.

One to one Coaching  

Use Human Design to discover more about who you are, what makes you successful and how to empower yourself through practical strategies that align you with your design!



Are you a teacher looking to transition into a life of freedom, empowerment, self confidence and deep self knowing? Human Design has helped me turn my regular life of teaching, into an empowered life as Human Design Consultant where I get to do what I love, with the perks of living the life I love. And it all happened by aligning with my design, following my authority and practicing my unique Human Design strategy. It has always been a deep passion of mine to help other teachers do the same! 

If you would like to find out more about your design and your unique decision making authority and life strategy, I invite you to schedule a reading or an exploration call where we can go deeper into your design and find ways to make the transition into your next stage of life feel more empowering.

Your Path to Transformation




Feel free and empowered by your purpose and direction.

N. Fraumeni, SYD

"For me specifically, I have applied Human Design more to business and how approach business making decisions and feel very empowered through the findings and new learnings through Human Design Chart reading with Jen."

P. Liao, SYD

"I could appreciate my job, my role and my relationships more after the HD reading with Jen. I felt more clarity in my choices and beliefs. Besides the HD reading, Jen's energy, her (boss) life experience and the way she connects made me feel at ease"

S. Collins, BKK

"Finding out about my Human Design has opened doors I didn’t even realise were closed! I have spent a lot of my life feeling frustrated at myself and stuck in patterns because of this frustration. You helped me to see these qualities in myself as gifts and I am now in the process of embracing them."

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